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Next Level Sports Vision Evaluation & Training

  • Athletes hoping to achieve the next level proficiency in their sport should consider improving sensorimotor pathways (mind instead of body) through the Senaptec Sensory Station
  • Vision accounts for approximately 80% of all sensory information received and processed by the brain and is the primary source of information captured in the sensory organization of the body’s balance and sensorimotor systems
  • The Senaptec Sensory Station is a scientifically based standardized evaluation system
  • The assessment provides an immediate report (printed or emailed) comparing the individual to other users, including professional athletes
  • It is the only performance assessment and training solution on the market to measure 10 sensory parameters
  • The training program developed from sensory station is customized to the athlete to work on areas that need improvement while also maintaining proficiency in other areas
  • As the client/athlete gets better at the skills, the training adjusts automatically to remain challenging and promote continuous improvement
  • Next Level Vision is the only place in Montana that offers this state of the art technology.
  • Details:
    • $225 for baseline evaluation;
    • Eye Health Exam (with primary eyecare provider) required prior to evaluation
    • Follow-up training: $150 per session