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Introducing Single Vision and Digital Progressives

Digital and HD Lenses: Introducing Single Vision and Digital Progressives! 

Every Digital Lens is personalizsed to your unique perscription, offering the clearest vision possible! Digitally surfaced lenses are superior to conventional lenses in every way.

Digital lenses give us the tools we need to create unlimited shapes for the designer. They are not limited by tools because it is done digitally and is exceptionally accurate. Uses digital files making an unlimited amount of shapes and sizes that can be produced.

Both surfaces can be used to put a Digital Progressive design onto the front and back of the lens. Using both sides makes it possible to manage focusing and distortion,  widening the channel of clear vision giving you more reading and peripheral vision.These lenses are completely custom to each individual and the frame they choose. More precise measurements are taken with digital lenses. We measure the wrap of the frame, tilt and how far away the back frame is to the front of your cornea making theses the most customized lenses on the market.